“The Puzzle” released

Our first project, “The Puzzle”, is a short thriller, released in November 2020. The story, created by David Chen and Gabor Tozser, is about a mysterious puzzle that arrives in a delivery box, containing a shocking revelation for the recipient.

Watch the film on our YouTube channel:


Our creative timeline covered a period of over 1.5 years, although the creators have started discussing and constructing this story originally as far back as 1995!

The original story comes from a turn of the century “scary tales” mini series, remembered and re-worked into a visual story line by the creators. Originally shot on digital video in Minnesota in 2018, the film had to be re-shot in 2019 due to issues that rendered existing footage unusable. During the second take, production was shifted from Minnesota to Hungary due to logistical reasons, where initial shooting was completed in summer of 2019, with follow-up re-takes done in the autumn of 2019.

Post production work has taken several months, partly due to availability of team members, partly due to adverse effect of the COVID19 pandemic on ongoing work. Finally released in November 2020, the film was deemed ready for initial release by its creators.

Next steps for the short film will be a series of entries into amateur film competitions while initial work is already under way for our next exciting project!

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